Fees Payable to Ahead Tuition

1.1 The fees payable to Ahead Tuition will be calculated and must be settled prior to the student’s first lesson attendance. A student shall not be permitted to attend classes if fees remain unpaid prior to the session. No additional fees will be charged. Ahead Tuition reserves the right to modify fees; a minimum notice period of 6 weeks will be provided to parents and students.


2.1 Payments must be made in advance of the first session. In the event of a payment plan, as agreed upon by Ahead Tuition, the initial payment should be made one month in advance. Regardless of the payment arrangement, fees must be remitted before the commencement of the first session. All payments are to be processed through the website. If a payment plan is employed, an invoice will be issued.

2.2 Upon request, a sibling discount of £30.00 will be applied to both students. Additionally, a £30.00 voucher will be granted for each successful referral, benefiting both the referred individual and the referrer. This voucher can be deducted from an upcoming payment or used for a future booking. The sibling discount and referral voucher cannot be used simultaneously.

Cancellation and Refund

3.1 A prepaid session can be canceled with a 48-hour notice, and an alternative session will be scheduled within the same week.

In the absence of a 48-hour notice, no alternative lesson or credit will be provided for sessions missed by the student. Changing to a lesson on a different day requires Ahead Tuition’s approval with the appropriate notice period. If a student is unable to attend the alternative session, no other sessions or refind can be offered.

3.2 If Ahead Tuition cancels a lesson for any reason before the scheduled start time, an alternate lesson will be offered. Students will have the option to attend a different class that week, or credit will be issued for use in a future session.

Arrival and Scheduling

4.1 Fees are calculated based on the agreed-upon schedule between the student and Ahead Tuition. No fee adjustments will be made due to the student’s late arrival or early termination of a lesson. If a tutor arrives late, any lost time will be compensated by extending the lesson with mutual consent by the same amount of time that was missed.

4.2 Tutors will wait for up to fifteen minutes from the scheduled lesson time for the student to arrive. After this period, the lesson will be considered ‘canceled’ without prior notice, following the cancellation policy outlined in the ‘Cancellation and Refund’ section.

Ahead Tuition Obligations

5.1 Ahead Tuition will complete all necessary preparations before lessons to create a conducive learning environment for students.

5.2 All information provided by students and parents will be kept confidential and used solely for Ahead Tuition’s purposes.

5.3 Ahead Tuition will gather the required information about each student to provide effective tutoring.

5.4 All staff members will receive the necessary safeguarding training.

5.5 Ahead Tuition will furnish additional learning materials to facilitate independent study by students.

Student Obligations

6.1 Students are required to assist tutors in identifying their areas of need by booking through the website before the first session.

6.2 Prior to attending their first session, students should familiarise themselves with the Ahead Tuition Student Expectations booklet.

6.3 Students must provide their own equipment for each session.

6.4 Students acknowledge that additional work assigned by tutors is optional but can enhance understanding of the material covered in sessions.

No Warranties

7.1 Ahead Tuition does not provide guarantees or warranties regarding students’ performance resulting from tutoring.


8.1 Ahead Tuition reserves the right to terminate a student’s contract with immediate effect and will contact parents and guardians if a student disrupts the learning environment, jeopardizes safety, or causes damage to property. For any damage caused to the property or facilities of Ahead Tuition, the parent/guardian will be responsible for the cost.


9.1 If a student is a legal minor, it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure the student’s safety when entering and exiting the premises.

9.2 If a student is a legal minor, the parent and/or guardian must enter into the tutoring contract with Ahead Tuition on behalf of the student and accept and agree to all terms and conditions herein on the student’s behalf.

Whole Agreement

10.1 This agreement represents the complete understanding between the parties regarding the subject matter and supersedes any alleged expressed or implied provisions not contained herein. Any modifications to this agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.