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Welcome to Ahead Tuition, where we provide extensive support and a personal touch to guide you through your academic journey. Our exceptional team is made up of highly trained and award-winning exam and education specialists,

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We at Ahead Tuition are proud of the courses and support systems we offer our students. We appreciate the journey through education is more than just results. It’s a lot more than that. Our team offers a range of services to make sure our students are never felt feeling alone

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    FAQs Ahead Tuition

    We offer a range of courses supporting students in key stage three and GCSE. Our most popular courses are our weekly sessions which run all the way throughout the term apart from the holiday periods in which we run crash courses! Our team also offers individual tutoring and small group classes. 

    You can sign up for a course by creating an account on our website and booking any of the courses you’d like to. There are options for English maths and science as well as an option for a free trial before you start.

    Yes! We offer a free trial for all of our sessions. Just click the free trial link on the homepage and that will take you to a form. Just fill it out and we will send you the rest of the details.

    Once you’ve booked onto a course, you can’t cancel as we do not offer refunds but we can help you find an alternate course which may be more suitable. If you are unsure before booking, please speak to one of our team or book yourself into a free trial.

    We also have a referral discount of £30. If you have referred a friend then please message us independently and we will discount the course for you.

    We also have a referral discount of £30. If you have referred a friend then please message us independently and we will discount the course for you.

    Our classes run in 12 week times. Every time we have 12 classes and we break for the holidays. Each town will be six weeks with classes running on a weekly basis in the evenings. When you book onto a course make sure you know which day you’re coming to and the time that is allocated for your session

    We have a range of highly experienced tutors would you also offer individual tutoring. Just fill out a contact form enquiring about individual tutoring and we will send you some further details.

    We can offer virtual classes and there may be a chance that we will have to continue to do so due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If there is a change to the class structure you will be told in enough time to adjust to the arrangements.

    Our group classes follow a set curriculum but we do try to tailor these to the ability of our students. How are you nine and 10 students will be asked to come on a Monday or Wednesday and our year 11 students will be asked to come on a Tuesday or Thursday.

    Working Hours

    • Monday, Wednesday 8:00 – 8:40
    • Thursday, Friday 8:45 – 9:30
    • Saturday 9:35 – 10:20
    • Holidays 10:40 – 11:20

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    Our journey has been more than just supporting students to achieve grades. We appreciate that there is more to school than just grades on a paper. Over the last 10 years we have developed methods and support programs to give students affective support not only with extremely high level academic teaching but also the pastoral support that is Required To get through school with as little stress as possible.

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